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Price formation

The following factors are included in our calculations

Basis Collective agreement between the Federal Association of Private Employment Agencies (BZA) and the German Trade Union Federation (DGB)
Period of operation: 1 January 2004 through 31 December 2016
collective agreement
on pay grades
Employees are to be assigned to one out of nine pay grades according to the type of work they predominantly perform.
Collective Agreement
on remuneration
Minimum rates since 1 January 2014:
Pay grade 1 = 8.50 Euros per hour
Pay grade 9 = 18.89 Euros per hour

Minimum rates from 1 April 2015:
Pay grade 1 = 8.80 Euros per hour
Pay grade 9 = 19.55 Euros per hour

Minimum rates from 1 June 2016:
Pay grade 1 = 9.00 Euros per hour
Pay grade 9 = 20.00 Euros per hour

In case of an uninterrupted assignment to a single customer, a duty-related allowance is to be paid: 1.5% after nine calendar months, 3.0% after twelve calendar months..
Allowances The determined hourly cost rate may, if applicable, increase by allowances for overtime, shift, night, Sunday work and work on public holidays.
Calculation structure Our calculation includes the following cost types plus a business margin:
  • Contractual compensation (productive and unproductive times)
  • Social security benefits
  • Social security contributions
  • Additional food expenditures
  • Taxes and fiscal charges, other public charges Sales and administration