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Advantages at a glance

Temporary work almost increased six times between
1994 and 2010

Since the 1990ies, the volume of temporary work in Germany has continuously increased. In 1994, the statistics of the German Federal Employment Agency reported slightly more than 134,000 registered temporary workers. On 31 December 2010, the Agency reported a figure of 792,833. That are 2.0 percent of all employees subject to people in paid work.

There are many reasons for this development. From our customers, we are given different explanations concerning their actual reasons to use our services. The benefits of temporary staffing most often quoted by our customers are:

  • flexible adaptation to changing personnel requirements;
  • focussing on the core business;
  • time and cost savings with respect to personnel recruitment, selection and hiring;
  • no waiting times thanks to short-term availability of suitable agency workers;
  • no selection risk – unsuitable agency workers are immediately replaced;
  • avoidance of probationary period risks;
  • fixed costs for calculation – only actually delivered working hours are charged;
  • workers who prove themselves can be transferred to permanent employment;
  • the workload of own personnel is eased by the reduction of overtime;
  • avoidance of own personnel reserves with high fixed costs;
  • ‘just in time’ delivery of manpower;
  • avoidance of overtime;
  • variable instead of fixed labour costs.