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Temporary Work with Amicus

Changes in production processes need personnel flexibility

Also in Germany, the increasing global competition leads to economic and operational frictions.
Continuous economic growth as a precondition for full employment and high capacity utilisation figures with respect to human resources cannot be expected in the foreseeable future.

Today, cyclical uncertainty, adaptation-related structural change, and changes in production processes more than ever call for the entrepreneurial ability to flexibly adjust the headcount to changing actual personnel requirements.

However, the competent management of the necessary flexibility in the field of human resources is no easy task. Responding to a floating demand in a quick and adequate way requires a high level of personnel management expertise and experience. Therefore, more and more organisations make use of the specific knowledge and skills of external service providers. They focus on their core business, i.e., on the things they do best, and leave all other tasks to external experts.

Successful personnel management with Amicus

Temporary employment over Amicus offers an economically reasonable alternative if employers need to adapt their workforces to actual personnel requirements at short notice and in a cost-effective way.

Organisations with successful personnel management highly appreciate our services. Amicus customers use the skilled work of our employees particularly in cases where own employees are absent or whenever there is a temporarily higher workload and the recruitment of own personnel is not possible or desirable.