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The employment relationship
of agency workers

If you would like to learn the most important things about working for a private employment agency just read through the following.

Regular employment

From the point of view of labour and social law, an employment with Amicus does absolutely not differ from a traditional employment relationship.

Amicus employees enter into a written employment contract. They are in the same way permanently employed and provided the same social security as in any other company. Amicus takes over all the obligations and risks of an employer – Amicus employees are paid in a timely manner, each and every month.
We pay over wage-related statutory taxes and social insurance contributions just as we do with, for example, contributions to the social insurance against occupational accidents and the state welfare association.

The little difference

Amicus employees do not perform their work in our premises, but at workplaces in the facilities of our customers.

Why do Amicus customers use our services?

There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is given, whenever own employees of a customer are absent – whether on vacation, because of sickness, parental leave or termination – and there is nobody in the company to take over the tasks of the respective colleagues.
The second reason is that there are always situations, where the workload for the existing staff is temporarily much too high. Such peak loads develop, for instance, through accelerated deadlines, restructuring measures, unexpected order volumes or seasonal variations.

Industry-specific security

Private employment agencies need an official approval to lead their business activities. The issuing and supervisory authority is the competent regional Directorate of the Federal Employment Service (Bundesagentur für Arbeit).
Since 1972, the provisions of the German Act on the Provision of Manpower (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetzes, AÜG) additionally regulate our business.

Amicus is a member of the German Association of Private Employment Agencies (Bundesverband Zeitarbeit Personal-Dienstleistungen e. V., BZA).
Therefore, we are bound to adhere to the collective agreements made between the BZA and the German Trade Union Federation (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, DGB).