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Contract terms,
earnings, social benefits

Before people decide to join a new employer, they would like to know what they will earn and what social benefits they can expect.
Here is everything you need to know about us in this respect:

Contract terms

  • written employment contract
  • six months probationary period
  • monthly working time between 151 and 173 hours
  • fixed monthly pay
  • allowance for overtime 25 percent
  • notice period 2 weeks during the probationary period, then four weeks to the 15 th day or the last day of each month


The amount of an employees income depends on the level and type of professional training, the experience and the current state of the vocational qualification.
Besides this, also actual customer demand plays an important role.
The remuneration is principally based on the Collective Agreement on Remuneration (Entgelttarifvertrag) made between the Federal Association of Private Employment Agencies (Bundesverband Zeitarbeit, BZA) and the German Trade Union Federation (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, DGB).

Minimum pay

The applicable collective agreement defines nine pay grades. According to this gradation, the minimum pay for ‘unskilled workers’ without experience is currently 8.50 Euros per hour.
The minimum pay for employees who completed a full course of study at a university and already have experience is 18.89 Euros per hour.
Following the provisions of the collective agreement, these hourly rates will increase by duty-related allowances between 2 and 7.5 percent.
In case of an uninterrupted assignment to a single customer, a duty-related allowance is to be paid: 1.5% after nine calendar months, 3.0% after twelve calendar months.

Social benefits

Social benefits will be provided in accordance with the basic collective agreement concluded between the BZA and DGB.

24 to 30 working days per year

Holiday bonus
150 to 300 Euros per year

Christmas bonus
150 to 300 Euros per year

Additional food expenditures
up to 6 Euros per day, tax-free pursuant to the German Wage Tax Regulations (Lohnsteuerrichtlinien)

Deferred compensation
allowance per month is 13.30 Euros beginning from the 7 th month of employment

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