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Online application

We currently fill an average number of 20 vacancies daily; the following are the most sought-after qualifications:

Office and Administration

  • Office Administrators, Industrial Clerks, Bank Employees
  • Sales Employees (sales support)
  • Secretaries
  • Assistants
  • Accounting Clerks

Good command of English and well-founded knowledge of common PC applications (MS Office) are particularly helpful.

Industry and Technology

  • Unskilled Workers
  • Stockroom and Logistics Workers
  • Production Workers
  • Skilled Metalworkers/Fitters
  • Skilled Electricians
  • Skilled Chemical Workers
  • Skilled Mechanics/Engineers
  • Academically Trained Engineers

Information Technology (IT)

  • Communication Electronics Engineers
  • Information Technology Engineers

If you have one of the above qualifications and are looking for a new professional opportunity, please submit your application immediately – Application Form.