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The most important advantages

Professional qualification

Employees of Amicus predominantly appreciate that their employment with Amicus allows them to considerably enhance their personal skills and professional expertise.

Jobs with renowned companies

Amicus employees are working for renowned companies of all industries and sizes. Therefore, they do not only get to know new people within short periods of time, but also become acquainted with different operational processes and organisational structures.

Possible transfer to direct employment

But that’s still not all. Because after all, more than 60 percent of our commercial employees get ‘caught’ by one of our many customers. This means that – if they like the company environment and the professional perspectives offered – they are offered traditional, direct employment by one of our customer companies.
This has the considerable advantage that the employee already known the company, the processes, their colleagues and managers from their own experience.
So they exactly know what they are actually offered!

More good reasons …

… for an employment with Amicus you can find here.